Saturday, September 29, 2012


After riding the krap outta my 12'3" eagle that skip made me, I sorta beat the shit out of the deck. The glassing was super bomber, but the blank was just a mushy soft clark blank. I found the board a new home and was able to replace most of the money i had in to it. Before it sold, i ordered a 12'3" burford with no stringer and had jim phillips do the stringer and the rocker. The burford's are strong and light so i have em glassed strong. My 12'2" pavel eagle is a prime example of how good the blanks are. I have ridden that board everywhere and when the wax came off, there wasn't a SINGLE heel dent. So here is the new blank from jim ready to go, 1/8" western cedar sandwich'd by 2 hard balsa's with black glue lines!!!!!!!!! Dropped it off to SKIPPER today and the eagle is on......

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