Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bob Mitsven/Rick Clow

Mr. "E" clued me in to Bob Mitsven and I have to say that the 3 boards he's shaped me are unreal.  He listened to every aspect of what I'm trying to accomplish in my surfing.  Just so happened that when I picked up my gypsy from Skip yesterday, Bob was there and had finished by Big Steve model/gypsy tail.  This thing is incredible, 7'7" 22" 3 1/16" with skip rails, single to double concave thru the fins with just a slight vee, then flat out the back.  The way Bob is able to keep the volume where I need it and then taper the rails so I can really do BIG powerful turns is why I keep ordering more sleds.  Rick makes these incredible foiled fins to make these boards really fly and he's making a marine ply quad set for this board.  Super stoked to have them in my corner...................

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