Saturday, November 8, 2014

The trio

It's been a pretty incredible week of weather and board anticipation. Thursday i got to enjoy the company of Mr. greg Martz from the Waterman's Guild. We live pretty close to one another, so picking up 3 boards from him was a special treat. Got to see all his bitchin resin art work and sip tequila in anticipation of the 3 aleutian juice surfboards in his van. 
     Dave Parmenter and I spoke at length about the designs you see here. I explained the importance of the particular areas in California, Mexico and Costa Rican point waves that I frequent to Dave. He took a lot of his time and energy listening to the specifics of each board with more enthusiasm than any other shaper I've encountered. Add this mindset to one hell of a laminator and this is what you get, beautiful outcomes. Much love and respect to Greg Martz and the whole Waterman's Guild crew and Mr. Dave Parmenter for the incredible shapes! 3 more coming soon.........

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