Friday, June 14, 2013

12'2" Skip Frye Magic Model

Yesterday was a really cool day to hang with Skip.  It's not just about the board cause I know that's always going to be a gem.  It's about the time, the stories, the waves, like being with my Father or my Grandfather.  I spoked with him about the 9'10" K model I rode at trestles for this past swell and how unbelievable it works in big surf.  This magic that went down is a blown up version and with a lil more tail, hence the Magic Model.  So for the record, this would have never gone down hadn't Rich Pavel pointed us all in the right direction for the big blank.  With that being said this was shaped out of a natural rockered 12'3" burford blank with a 1/2" WORM WOOD STRINGER.  I asked skip to keep this board trim at 3.5" thick and it's rails are unbelievable.  This one is in line at Michael Millers and should be laminated up sometime next week.  This so far is the only magic at this length, can't wait to get it to baja sur!

After my 12'2" squaretail eagle got ran over at san O I have been jonesing for another skip 12'er.  Good thing I bought two of these blanks.  Now that skip is in 12' mode I'm super psyched that a 12'2' eagle is right around the corner, HOPEFULLY!

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